Breast Cancer in Pakistani women, Causes & Reasons

Zahida Abro

Editor Humsari Magazine

The mortal disease cancer, that was incurable yesterday and was a great challenge, today after scientific research and its success to cure cancer, it’s increasing number has become a challenge. Medical science has got a successful control comparatively previous years. Lot of research is being done in this field new treatments are being found, but still many types of cancers are the major cause of death around the world.

Including other types of cancers breast cancer in females is spreading rapidly. Around the world within 9 females one is affected by breast cancer and this is a very serious situation. Around the world in women the fifth major cause of death is breast cancer.

In different societies women suffer in different ways only on the basis of the gender. On certain issues women hesitate to talk about their health problems. Breast cancer is still a “taboo” amongst many societies.  Girls and women had been silent for long on this serious issue. For controlling this issue every country has to take action and make laws in legislating institutes. Pakistan is one of those countries where it s a silent killer for women due to so many reasons, it’s still a taboo in rural areas for people. According to the International Institute of Health every year 13,80,000 (thirteen lac eighty thousand) new cases of breast cancer are being registered in Pakistan and major part of those patients are young females. Every year 95000 new patients are diagnosed and most of them lose their lives just because the diagnoses at late stage. It is very important to diagnose this fatal disease at the early stage. It is positive news that at first, second and now even at third stage to diagnose this disease can save the life of many women.

In developed countries there is enough awareness about this problem not only awareness but those countries have all facilities from diagnosis to treatment but in third world where many countries are less developed and are facing problems of environmental pollution and environmental, cleanliness is totally ignored. Institutes are established but they don’t focus on the objective of their establishment, common people are drinking unsafe and unhygienic water. Waste from factories is thrown directly in water channels because of that agriculture production is also getting contaminated.

In Pakistan all departments are working below their capacity and low performance of institutes create a chain of disaster in all levels of life.

Food control authorities are nowhere their performance is zero. Sub standard food is being sold in the market. Junk food prepared by foul oil and substandard raw material is sold on shops that cause different types of cancer in children even.

Science has proved that processed food is unhealthy. Continuous use of processed food causes breast cancer. Nowadays microwave is used in households very commonly and plastic utensils that are used in kitchen are also causes of cancer, even plastic water bottles are cause of cancer. Food authority doesn’t check the quality and procedure of preparation of food.  That authority does not have any research system, in poor countries like Pakistan women are paying price for so many ill practices. Females don’t eat balanced diet due to their poor economic conditions. Due to those reasons breast cancer is increasing rapidly.