Mental Illness, Confusion and Fear

Society is a beautiful garden but at the same time it is a torture cell too. “World Mental Health Day” should create awareness in society that how mental illness leads a normal person to a dark path of depression and then that person loses his/her life in that path for ever.

It is not necessary that a psychologist or psychiatrist, knows about those problems. Being a responsible person of society everyone can have an eye on the basic problems that are scattered around us and people suffer by those problems. For such situation we must have our own opinion that how society is going through those problems. But one of the reasons is change taking place around us every moment and change at the same time it brings pleasant and disastrous effects both. Nowadays new cultures are arising in different parts of world, new ideas are emerging and values of society are changing rapidly, this phenomenon has arrested all of us from a child to an aged person in perplex. New narratives are being formed and meaning of life is comprehended differently but at the same time we don’t want to leave our previous values. This attitude has created chaos around us and people are baffled. Confusion has created uncertainty and an uncertain person, group or society grows weak. And the next stage of confusion is fear.

You can see around you, that every confused person is arrested in fear of faith in the meaning of morality, use of language color or by general life values. Those sick minds transfer those traits in their offspring’s and that becomes a genetic problem and it spreads worldwide. That fear creates injustice inequality on the basis of religion, gender, social status and so on. According to me mental illness is nothing else but social injustice with different groups of people. If we want to create a peaceful and wonderful world we must be honest with ourselves, must be selfless, try to learn to give as our previous generations used to.